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These Terms and Conditions apply to all visits and uses of the Site / Online Store, as well as to the content (as defined below), information, recommendations and / or services provided on or through the Site.


By accessing and using the Site, you accept these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, as well as any other laws or regulations that apply to the Site, the Internet and / or the World Wide Web.


If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, please leave our Site.

The present general conditions of sale are considered known to the buyer who places an order. Any and all orders placed with Dartgeckos implies acceptance by the buyer of these general terms and conditions of sale.


No clause that contravenes these conditions is considered valid, unless Dartgeckos has formally accepted them in writing.

All orders placed by buyers in Portuguese or other territory are considered to be directed to Dartgeckos.

These general terms and conditions of sale apply to orders to be invoiced to entities based in Portuguese territory.

The purchase and sale contracts are considered concluded on the date of receipt, by the buyer, of the order confirmation by Dartgeckos.

Dartgeckos reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions of sale at any time.

Intellectual property and rights

All content on this Site is the intellectual property of Shrimp Dream or its representatives.

The domain is owned by Gonçalo Filipe de Almeida Pereira, with tax identification number 208962760 and headquartered in Brejos de Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal (We do not have a physical store).

Privacy Policy

Dartgeckos respects your privacy and protects the personal information transmitted to you, which is used only and exclusively, internally and for the treatment of your orders and to inform you of some promotional offers. Whenever personal information from users and data subjects is required, for the purpose of providing services, Dartgeckos respects all the rules and regulations on privacy in force in Portugal.

Dartgeckos uses the information provided by you on this site to satisfy requests for products and services, to personalize your experience of using the site by users, to keep them updated on new products and services or other information that Dartgeckos deems relevant.

We implement, and ensure the maintenance of, adequate means of protection, so that our internal procedures for the security of personal data are in compliance. We also make the necessary efforts to ensure that third parties that collaborate with us, as partners or service providers, guarantee adequate protection of the personal data to which they have access. We take the necessary measures to ensure the safe processing of personal data. In particular, we take precautionary measures to protect personal data from loss or abuse, and use security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to that personal data. All personal data we collect is stored on servers that offer security guarantees.

We also respect the confidentiality of your information. As such, we do not sell, distribute or otherwise make your information commercially available to any third party.

By using this website, the user accepts the processing of information and data, and certifies the veracity and correctness of the information and details provided.


On this website we use cookies, which are small text files with information about your navigation on this website and whose main objective is to improve your experience on the website.

Conditions of purchase and use

All order requests are subject to availability. Thus, in the event of difficulties in supplying some items, or if there are no items in stock, Dartgeckos reserves the right to provide you with information on substitute items of similar or higher quality to complement your order. If you do not wish to order any of the replacement items, Dartgeckos will refund the amount paid for the unavailable items.

Dartgeckos reserves the right to remove any item from this Website at any time, and to remove or modify any material or content on it. Although Dartgeckos always tries to do everything possible to process all orders, there may be exceptional circumstances that require us to refuse to process an order after we have submitted the Order Confirmation, which we reserve the right to do at any time.

The price of the articles will be the one stipulated at all times on our website, except for cases of evident omission. Although Dartgeckos makes every effort to ensure that the prices indicated on our website are the correct ones, it is possible that there are any errors. If we detect an error in the price of any of our items that has been ordered by the user, we will inform you of this circumstance as soon as possible, offering the user the option to confirm your order at the correct price, or to proceed with your order. cancellation. If we are unable to contact the user directly, the order will be considered canceled, and we will refund all amounts paid by the user in connection with the order.

Links on our website

If our website contains links to other websites and third party materials, these links are provided for informational purposes only, so Dartgeckos has no control over the content of these websites or materials. For this reason, Dartgeckos will not accept any liability for damages or injuries arising from its use.

Prices on our website

Prices are set in Euros, the measure for calculating the number of items is the Unit and the measure for calculating the cost of shipping is the Kilogram. All prices already include VAT at the current rate.

Payment terms and methods

PayPal : With this service it is possible to make the payment in several ways (credit / debit card, transfer or debit account). PayPal is an extremely secure system. This form of payment does not require sending proof of payment, as Paypal takes care of that in a very short time. This payment method is subject to a fixed and mandatory rate of 3.7% in countries belonging to the European Union, on the total cost of your order (Order + shipping). For the rest of the countries in the world, the rate is 7.5% of the total amount of your order (Order + shipping).

Payment by Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer consists of, after the customer places his order on our website, making a deposit or transfer. All the data necessary to make the transaction will be provided at the end of the order. If this point does not occur, ask us via email for the necessary data. Once the process is finished, the customer must send by email to Dartgeckos, using the following address: , the transfer receipt, also mentioning the order number. Only after receiving a valid and legible proof of payment does Dartgeckos accept the order.

Cash in hand: In this modality, the customer will proceed to the payment of the order, upon delivery.

Payment by MBWAY: This payment consists of, after the customer places his order on our website, he will make a transfer through the MBWAY application using the contact provided . All the data necessary to make the transaction will be provided at the end of the order. If this point does not occur, ask us via email for the necessary data. In this case, it is not necessary to send proof as Dartgeckos has immediate access to the transferred amount.

Dartgeckos reserves the right to revise and modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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