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DARTGECKOS started as a hobby of Gonçalo Pereira in 2011, being a project of selective breeding of leopard geckos and poison dart frogs.

The project started with the acquisition of a pair of leopard geckos, High Yellow and Tremper Albino morphs, and with a group of Epipedobates Anthonyi . At this time, the information and equipment needed to maintain dart frogs was very scarce and everything had to be built with alternative material imported from abroad.

Sometime later Gonçalo started to acquire and breed more species of dart frogs, becoming the first known breeder in Portugal.

In 2018, the project is no longer just a hobby and its professionalization begins, opening the online store and with constant representation in national and international fairs. The project that started with leopard geckos and dart frogs, now encompasses Australian knob-tail geckos ( Nephrurus ), leaf-tail geckos ( Uroplatus ) and several species of isopods.

In addition to animal projects, DARTGECKOS also includes the building of tropical planted terrariums, carrying out naturalistic assemblies with biotope plants, representing small portions of tropical forest inside your home.

leopard gecko
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