In what countries is it possible to buy ?

You can buy if you are in Europe, if you need any details please send us an email for Currently we are not shipping to UK.

How long it takes to get my order ?

Shipping to Spain will take 1 day normally. Shipping for Europe normally is done at mondays and most times you get your order by friday/saturday but there might be some delays we cant predict. When we schedule your order you should get an UPS email with the estimated delivery day.

How long it takes since i place my order to be shipped ?

Always expect your order to be shipped the next monday, if there is any delay for some reason we will contact you.

Can i track my order ?

Yes, after we ship your order we will send you the tracking number so you can access the courier website and check it out.

Do you have free shipping ?

At this point we dont have free shipping for international orders.

What happens if im not at the delivery address ?

Depending on the courier used to do the transport they will either call you to reschedule or leave a notification in your postal box. Dartgeckos is only responsible for the shipment until the first delivery attemp done by the courier.


What should i do if i get a faulty product ?

We try our best to avoid this situation but if you get a faulty product please contact us.

Do i get the exact product i see in the photos ?

If its a products yes you should get a very similar one, if its a plant then there might be some variation from the photo.

Do you ship live food ?

We only ship live food to Spain.

What happens if i order a plant and it arrives dead/damaged ?

If you order one or more plants and one or more arrives dead/damaged, send us a photo of the plant for and provide your order number, as soon as we confirm the details we will get in touch with you to provide a solution. Normally we send a new one if its possible with no extra cost or refund its value. Please check next question to know what we consider a damaged/dead plant.

What is a damaged plant ?

We consider a damaged plant a plant that has no possibility to cover, if you are buying plants from us you need to be aware that some plants do not do well during shipping conditions although some of these plants even looking damaged normally can recover well after established. We only offer a solution for damaged plants when we see that the plant has no recovery possible.
We provide all support necessary to help you recover a damaged plant.