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  • In which countries is it possible to buy online?
    It is currently possible to buy online from any country in the European Union. If you are outside the European Union, contact us via email to see if we have a solution for you.
  • What should I do if I receive a defective item?
    DARTGECKOS only sells items in perfect condition, so if, exceptionally, you receive an item with a defect, you can contact us through our customer support.
  • Are all items with estimated delivery only delivered within these deadlines?
    No, some items with estimated delivery times may be in stock and delivered within 24-48h. However, some of our products have an estimated delivery date, due to limited stock available. For any clarification regarding the immediate availability of a product, please contact us at customer support.
  • Do you ship every day?
    No, shipments are made on Mondays and Wednesdays, exceptionally we do shipments on Thursdays. Most orders placed on a Wednesday after 10am will ship the following Monday.
  • Do shipping costs to Portugal apply to the islands?
    No, the shipping costs shown are for mainland Portugal. If you wish to place an order with delivery to the islands of Madeira or the Azores, you can: proceed with the order and an adjustment will be made to the shipping costs or you should ask via customer support how much are they worth.
  • Where can I receive my order?
    You can receive your order at your home or place of work, as well as collect it at one of the Nacex agencies in the country, for which you must request it via email ( indicating the order number and the address of the Nacex agency where you want to collect.
  • What is the shipping deadline for my order?
    As a rule, orders for products in stock are shipped within 24-48 hours. For out-of-stock products, you can request information via customer support.
  • How long will my order take?
    Delivery time is 24h, however in unforeseen situations that we are unable to control shipments may take up to 48h in mainland Portugal. For international shipments, contact customer support.
  • Can I track the status of my order?
    Yes, if delivery is made by a carrier you will receive a code to track your order through the carrier's website.
  • How is the home delivery process?
    If you have chosen delivery to an address, you will be sent an email confirming the shipment and its details. Someone must be at the address indicated on the day of delivery in order to receive the order, we are not responsible for live food that is subject to a second delivery attempt.
  • Why am I not getting free shipping on an order over 60 euros?
    All our shipments are free from €60, except for orders that contain tubular lamps, this is because the presence of the lamp in the order requires sending two packages, and the lamp must be sent in its own packaging. The value shown corresponds to the value of shipping the second volume (lamp), the first volume continues to have free shipping. DARTGECKOS has the right, without any prior notice, not to grant free shipping if the request so justifies it.
  • What are pre-order products?
    Products with the "Pre-order" tag in red mean that, in case the product is not in stock, it is possible to place your order in it, and this product will be ordered from the supplier. The order will only be shipped when we receive the missing product.
  • Do you ship to the islands?
    Yes, we do it through CTT, however we are not responsible for any delays in transport that could damage the contents of the order. However, we guarantee the best packaging of the products.
  • I won't be at the delivery address, now what?"
    If you are not at the delivery address, you can call the carrier in advance and using the shipping number try to reschedule it, the same type of rescheduling will have to be done if the carrier fails to deliver due to absence at the address. Dartgeckos is only responsible for shipping until the first delivery attempt by the carrier.
  • Will I receive the same product I see in the photo?
    Yes, except in some cases that will be explicit in the product description, such as plants and decoration where there may be a slight difference from the photograph.
  • Will I receive the Drosophila cultures already with fly?
    If you want to receive cultures with flies already born, mention them in the comments and whenever possible they will be sent with flies, taking into account that the duration of each glass can be reduced. Whenever nothing is mentioned, a selection of glasses will be sent depending on what is available at the time. Regarding Drosophila hydei cultures, the norm is to send without flies for the short cycle of adult flies.
  • Do I have a guarantee on drosophila cultures in case of shipment?
    It is not possible to guarantee safe delivery of Drosophila culture cups due to the nature of this type of shipment, and we do our best to package the cups. We only note that the loss of cultures per shipment is around 10% (1 cup in every 10 shipments).
  • Why should I choose Nacex 12h shipping when I buy live food?
    During the extreme seasons (Summer and Winter), due to temperatures, we cannot guarantee that the live food will arrive in the right conditions if delivery is not made until 12:00 the next day, so you must select this option to have the minimum possible transport time.
  • What happens if the plant I bought arrives damaged/dead?
    When purchasing plants online, you should be aware that there is a shipping process and that some plants do not respond well to this process. Often plants arrive damaged but recover easily after stabilizing. If you receive a plant that you consider damaged/dead, send an email to with a photo of the plant and order number so that we can contact you after evaluation.
  • What is considered a damaged/dead plant?
    We only consider a damaged/dead plant that must be reimbursed in a situation where the plant is not recoverable. We always do our best to make sure the plant arrives in optimal condition, however some plants just don't tolerate shipping but recover easily. If you contact us, we will give you all the necessary support to acclimatize/recover the plant that arrived damaged.
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